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Nose Surgery
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Breast Augmentation
Breast Uplift
Breast Revisions
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Houston Breast
Reduction Treatment



* Fourteen Days Prior to Surgery --------- Vitamin Therapy

The vitamin surgery program by Vitamedica. Surgery can be a stressful event and the more invasive the procedure, the greater its demands on the body. Healing requires that the body create new tissue and blood vessels, repair injured tissue and step up the production of cells that repair wounds. This complex activity won't occur efficiently if your diet is short on essential nutrients. The Vitamedica Surgery Program provides internal skin and wound care by enhancing the body's natural mechanisms for repair and healing. The result: optimal surgical outcome.

* Ten Days Prior to Surgery --------- Complimentary Post-operative Care Kit

This Kit will be given to you at the time of your preoperative visit. It will include items that you will need following your surgery, such as bandages, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial ointment, etc. These items are provided to all our surgery patients at no cost.

* Seven Days Prior to Surgery --------- Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a specialized type of massage that is designed to activate and cleanse the human fluid system. Lymphatic drainage has three main effects: it improves the circulation of lymph fluid throughout the body; it stimulates the activation of the immune system; and also stimulates the nervous system. This treatment is very beneficial before and after surgery.


* One Day After Surgery --------- Receive two postoperative support

* One Day After Surgery --------- Mepiform Silicone Gel Sheets

* Seven Days After Surgery --------- Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage to reduce swelling and to increase circulation, both of which aid the healing process.

* Seven Days After Surgery --------- Incision Area Laser Treatments

Laser treatments around the incision areas to aid in healing and to minimize scarring. Four laser treatment sessions will be scheduled at least 7 days apart with the first treatment being performed 7 days after your surgery.

* Fourteen Days After Surgery --------- Lymphatic Drainage Massage

An additional Lymphatic Drainage Massage to further reduce any remaining swelling and to increase circulation, both of which aid the healing process.

* Thirty Days After Surgery --------- Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Postoperative photos

A final postoperative Lymphatic Drainage Massage to complete the healing process and the first postoperative photos are taken at this time.

* Ninety Days After Surgery --------- Postoperative Photos

Final postoperative photos are taken ninety days after your surgery.

Mammograms may be scheduled at a special rate by calling Westside Mammograms and Bone Densities @ 281-293-0500. Be sure to tell them you were referred by Town & Country Plastic Surgery.

Note: These timeframes are only a guideline. All patients heal and recover differently. Appointments will be made according to each individual and at the approval of Dr. Yarish.

Houston Breast Reduction


At Town & Country Plastic Surgery, we believe that skin and body rejuvenation is an evolutionary process that does not begin and end solely with the surgery itself. While we do know that surgery is the most dramatic and gratifying part of the rejuvenation process, Dr. Yarish is also convinced that we can enhance and even maximize your surgery results with our “comprehensive rejuvenation concept”. This concept is essentially a treatment plan specifically designed for each procedure in order to prepare the skin and body for surgery and to aid in the healing process following your surgery.

We do recognize that many people do not have the time or inclination to take advantage of the complete program, and we want to assure you that your surgical results will be the best attainable anywhere. However, if you are in a position to take advantage of the “comprehensive rejuvenation concept,” you will find the entire experience to be more relaxing, and you will know that you have treated yourself to the most unique and gratifying experience that plastic surgery has to offer. And you will know that you have availed yourself of the ultimate in skin and body rejuvenation.

In order to make this experience more convenient and affordable, we have created a combination of ultimate experience packages specifically tailored to enhance each procedure. Each of these experiences is made available at very special prices for both products and services. Dr. Yarish strongly recommends that you take advantage of this “comprehensive rejuvenation concept.” The program outlined for you will be instituted preoperatively, and will be continued postoperatively until healing is complete.